Coloured Stone Diamond Rings

Not all people want an all white diamond look on their hand so whether it is for engagement or a wedding present, an anniversary or simply becuase you deserve it, a coloured stone is a magnificent addition to any finger !  There is a massive array of coloured stones on the market - the Irish market prefers the traditional of sapphire, ruby and emerald but in fairness some other colours have become much more popular in recent years.  Coloured stones like Aquamarine and blue topaz have beautiful sea colours in them with morganite a quiet, skin coloured stone that is stunning in rose gold has also made a comeback.. We have tanzanite in stock which is a rich purple colour, with peridot, rhodalite and of course different colours of Sapphire, in yellow and pink!


Coloured stone rings have a degree of hardness on the Moh Scale, and mostly the coloured stone is at the centre with 2 or more diamonds at either side but more and more complicated settings have been selling over the years - just be careful though, as some stones, like the lovely Opal is a very porous stone, by that we mean it doesn't like lots of moisture & water so  it can crack if worn constantly so an opal ring is purely for dress wear only !

Whatever style you like, a cluster, a 3 stone, Ryans Jewellers have a selection in all so make sure to call us at 061 417828 - any stone can be ordered in, any idea can be designed by our goldsmiths so put pen to paper and let us know what you would like and we would be happy to deliver !

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