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Fathers Day Gifts

Fathers Day Gifts

Father's day may only come around once a year but you can be sure if you are lucky enough to still have your dad alive, well and giving out to you, well then he deserves a treat many more times than once but at least if you mark Father's Day, it is extra special for all dads out there!  We have got so much better at thanking our dads for all they do for us, thanks for being taxi, you were right, I shouldn't have worn "that" out - so many witty comments that are said all the time, creating very fond memories for kids growing up and for adults looking back.

The special fathers day items that Ryans Jewellers always find so popular are anything from an inexpensive Telstar watch (€35) which can be engraved with your special message, cufflinks of steel, silver, gold, and white gold with diamond for that extra special milestone! One thing your dad posseses is plenty of bank cards (although most likely with little in them after they have spent it on you!) but they guard those credit cards with their lives so why not give them a protective SECRID Wallet that has an aluminium foil protector that stops cards from scratching against each other to being "cloned" by scammers, they come in all sorts of colours and start from €30 up to €90.  The wallets have proven over and over again that when Dad sees the Ryans Jewellers gift wrapping, he knows that a lot of thought and effort has gone into his present and believe us, you will get that "kudos" back a million fold from the most influential man in your life whether you are 3, 28 or 46 !

Happy Fathers day to our dads here in Ryans Jewellers, along with your dad whether he is with you or not and we wish you a wonderful loved feeling for the entire Sunday !

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