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Gifts can comprise of all sorts of things, shapes and sizes but none more special than a personalised gift from a jewellery store.  Ryans Jewellers have been in business over 55 years and every year is like a new year with new products, new ranges, new ideas for us humans to spoil our loved ones.  Some of the most popular gifts years ago are not what people give to eachother now although the gift of diamond engagement ring and a special wedding ring has never gone out of fashion and we hope it never will !!!  Ever :) 

The types of gifts we specialise in are in the diamond and wedding variety but earrings, pendants, chains, watches, baby gifts such as christening mugs, baby bangles, little bracelets even cufflinks for the little boys that will see them to their 21st Birthday's are all ideas we always get asked for.  We carry giftware for men (especially for those lovely dads, brothers, groomsmen, husbands, grandads etc), silver chain and leather products are always a good option with the fab SECRID leather wallets a constant hit - purely becuase all men like a bit of technology and with this wallet, it saves their credit and bank cards getting scratched and it has a protective aluminium foil where the cards can't be scammed with the contactless part of their plastic cards.

The Irish public are always great at "gifting" - everything from a god-daughter's birthday to an employee leaving work, to someone's retirement, a 40th wedding anniversary or simply we are getting better at treating ourselves - whatever the occasiion, whatever the item, our Ryans Jewellers Staff will be really happy to advise you in what is best suitable for the person, occassion and budget.


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€ 60.00 Ex Tax: € 60.00
New from Secrid this year is the "stitch".  Called Magnolio Petrolio it is pretty and clas..
€ 90.00 Ex Tax: € 90.00
Leather wallet with card protector ..
€ 75.00 Ex Tax: € 75.00
This elegant 3 material flowers with little crystals are the essence of classic for your little girl..
€ 45.00 Ex Tax: € 45.00
Beautiful little Comb with a white material flower mixed with little pearls and swarovski crystals ..
€ 30.00 Ex Tax: € 30.00
Adorable Mini-Ella Comb with a mixture of swarovski crystals, some pearls and material flowers ..
€ 56.00 Ex Tax: € 56.00
Silver Pearl and cz surround earrings ..
€ 25.00 Ex Tax: € 25.00
Little Sterling Silver Round Earrings with a little star in the centre ..
€ 33.00 Ex Tax: € 33.00
Simplicity is best for little girls at communion time and this hairband is the essence of simple.. l..
€ 45.00 Ex Tax: € 45.00
The 3 piece Daisy Flow Bridal Hair piece is created using rhoduim plated swarovski components to cre..
€ 30.00 Ex Tax: € 30.00
Dutch Martin Brown Wallet ..
€ 75.00 Ex Tax: € 75.00
Ladies Bering Navy Mesh Bracelet Watch.  It;s neat, slim, easy to wear and will look great day ..
€ 189.00 Ex Tax: € 189.00
Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Friendship Round Pendant ..
€ 82.00 Ex Tax: € 82.00
Sterling Silver Muru Talisman with gold, magnolia pendant and chain ..
€ 93.00 Ex Tax: € 93.00
Sterling Silver mini hummingbird Pendant on chain ..
€ 54.00 Ex Tax: € 54.00