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Bridal Headpieces

Need to dress your hair under the veil ( or maybe no veil) for your wedding day - Now Ryans Jewellers have a full stock of bridal headpieces from Azure Jewellery in Cork.  All pieces are swarovski and are handmade and we can tailor the piece especially to you.  

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The Camilla Bridal Haircomb is a creative statement bridal headpece for your special day. The des..
€ 185.00 Ex Tax: € 185.00
The 3 piece Daisy Flow Bridal Hair piece is created using rhoduim plated swarovski components to cre..
€ 30.00 Ex Tax: € 30.00
Stunning and simple Daisy Flo 6 piece - ideal for Brides who aren't wearing a veil - this also ..
€ 90.00 Ex Tax: € 90.00
  Thanks to Azure for their amazing descriptions of the headpieces This stunning, handmad..
€ 120.00 Ex Tax: € 120.00
The Beautiful Milly Lace with Crystal Bridal Hair Comb is made using Swarovski crystal components se..
€ 120.00 Ex Tax: € 120.00
This handbeaded floral inspired swarovski pearl comb is a simple but elegant piece that is easily ma..
€ 90.00 Ex Tax: € 90.00
This crystal and pearl piece is ideal for your hairdresser to have fun with.. the "arms" can be wove..
€ 145.00 Ex Tax: € 145.00
The Triple Vintage Spray Hairband is the ideal accessory for that Classic understated bridal dr..
€ 165.00 Ex Tax: € 165.00
This Vintage Perles & swarovski comb is a classic yet adorable headpiece - especially if you are..
€ 90.00 Ex Tax: € 90.00
Thanks to Azure for the Description! This single strand Sterling Silver leaf and floral drape is ..
€ 195.00 Ex Tax: € 195.00