Bridal Headpieces

Say Yes to the Hair !!

Need to accessorise your wedding dress for your wedding day? -  Ryans Jewellers have a full stock of bridal headpieces from Azure Jewellery in Cork.  All pieces are swarovski and are handmade and we can tailor the piece especially to you.  Once you decide how you might be wearing your hair for your wedding day, call to us (of course you can call long before your wedding and try them on!)  and you can view our entire collection within our designated area called the Bridal Suite - it is located on our lower ground floor and there is ooodles of room for you to even bring your dress, your bridesmaids and the mums to see the vision transforming!

Every Azure piece can be tailormade - each comb can be a hairband, each hairband can become a comb, if some of the bling is too much, it can be paired back a bit - we would need about 2-3 weeks to do some alterations, depending on how busy the workshop is!  And the best bit is that if bridesmaids need bridal earrings, mum needs a pearl necklet, we have it all at your fingertips, even cufflinks for the grooms including the ever popular SECRID wallets that are flying out as presents for the bridal party, both in male and female colours and can be even be engraved !