Dublin Castle Graduation Ceremony

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Step 1 Staff - Training and Education Programme 


Recently the once named RJI - Retail Jewellers of Ireland changed their name to a more consumer led Association of Fine Jewellers.  It is a body of independant, family owned and in lots of cases managed jewellers in Ireland that uphold high standards of hallmarking amongst all precious metals including Staff Training and Education.


Ryans Jewellers are long standing members of this association and are delighted to be continuing into the new era of the Assocation of FIne Jewellers.  The name has orginated from "Fine" meaning fine jewellery, the term given to gold and platinum jewellery, not base metal brands.  


Jewellers once again want to be associated with quality jewellery and "fine" items that must be hallmarked by the Assay Office in Dublin which in a nutshell means that if you buy a 9ct yellow gold pair of cufflinks for your dad's 70th birthday, then that item has been tested and "assayed" 375  - the numeric form given to 9ct gold and has passed through the stringent guidelines of hallmarking - ensuring the customer gets what they pay for.



We were thrilled to be in the Assay Office (not a place many jewellers even see not to mind the public) during the week for a graduation ceremony of the 3rd Step1 Programme in which one of our members of Staff graduated - Fiona McNamara who hails from Co, Clare and who has been with us for over a year now, and having 20 years experience in retail but not in Jewellery, undertook this programme last September and has passed with flying colours!  We were delighted to attend her graduation and to get a tour of the Assay Office this week and it really increases confidence for our customers to know that our staff are as up to date as possible with what goes on in our stores and the industry as a whole!