Ear Piercing Now Available

Posted by ryansjewellers 15/04/2017 0 Comment(s)


At Ryans Jewellers, we have introduced the Investness Ear Piercing System into our store.  It is one of the safest systems out there with a lovely range of earrings to choose from that will suit both children and adults.  


We do have a policy that the child must be 8 years of age or over becuase with our experience, we find children smaller than that really don't know what to expect and it makes the process more traumatic for both the child and the parent.. and lets face it this should be a great memory between a guardian, parent, grandparent and kid so sit back, relax and read why this system is so good!!


What makes it safe?


The Inverness System has two unique features designed to ensure the safest ear piercing experience possible.


1. The earring capsules are packaged in sealed, sterilized cartridges that are not opened until selected for piercing. Unlike other systems on the market, the earrings are never exposed until they are safely inserted in the ear.


2. The patented Safety Back™ allows for proper airflow and prevents the earring back from becoming embedded during the healing process. Inverness is the ONLY ear piercing system with the patented Safety Back™.


There are a number of reasons the Inverness System is both safe & gentle:

1. It is a hand-pressured instrument and is very smooth and quiet.

2. The system will pierce your ears and attach our patented Safety Clutch™ in one quick, smooth motion.

3. The piercing earrings are specially designed with ultra-thin piercing posts & a finely honed piercing tip to help the earrings glide through the lobe as easily as possible. In fact, most people report they feel no discomfort at all when they are pierced with the Inverness System.



Suitable for both Adults and Children (must be over 8 years of age)


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