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So our 3D Diamond Deal is back. It is a simple concept - when you put a deposit on a diamond ring this May, you get a discount...


3D - Deposit, Diamond, Discount


Any Diamond Ring you see on our web (and many in-store that may not feature on the website) are all up for grabs.  Engagement Rings, Diamond Dress Rings, Diamond Jewellery - anything that sparkles basically is on the #ryans3ddiamonds listing!


You don't have to pay all of the amount in one go to secure the discounted price.  We understand that these great ocassions can just happen and aren't even planned, you may even decide to treat yourself when you see a bargain but don't have all the "dosh" set aside. That's fine, simply put a deposit on the item and you can pay off over a reasonable amount of time!  We can go through all that with you when you call into us!


Limerick is SOOOO accessible from everywhere really - Dublin is only a maximum 2.5 hour journey all on motorway with Galway and Cork an hour and a half - we have had people from Wexford, Meath, Dublin and Sligo this year alone coming along to view our stunning range as they found themselves in Lovely Limerick for the weekend!



Ryans Jewellers has been around for over 50 years, so be assured we know our diamonds, every ring is carefully handpicked for its size and value.  We get in mounts to suit diamonds and also when we see an amazing loose stone, we have that on-hand for the day we see a lovely mount to suit it!

In fact this year our jewellery store is celebrating 140 Years so our senior diamond buyers will be delighted to show you are excellent selection!


Whether you are looking for an elegant diamond dress ring for a birthday or anniversary or you have always dreamed of upgrading your engagement ring - all ideas can be disscussed.  We are so happy to relate our vast experience and advise you what is best for you - no obligations, no pushing or hard selling - this is about you and when you are happy to make that decision that's fine with us.  


If it's an engagement ring you are interested in then the choice is huge and we can always get you in further options for you to view.  If you see something in yellow gold but you would like white gold, then that's fine, we can do that. 


Contact us to make an appointment, you can also check us our facebook page as there are lots of pictures up there and why not follow us on Instagram for all the latest in bling that we add on a daily basis!!!


Do contact us soon though especially within this lovely month of May to take advantage of our 3D Diamond Deal! 

Yours in Diamonds & Bling!

The Ryans Jewellers Team!