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Gents Wedding Bands

The Gents will be delighted to hear that the wedding ring selection is nearly as large as the ladies!  There are so many more choices out there now for the guys, and hey lads, don't undersell yourselves, this is your chance to wear something for the rest of your life - so don't give your lovely fiancee the entire budget, save some for yourself and pick something that eventhough it may only come out on state occassions, enjoy it when it is worn and the symbolism behind it !

The popular styles for men are the hard wearing tungsten carbide and stainless steel wedding bands.  Compared to gold they are less expensive but are a much darker metal than gold and palladium so make sure you and your partner like the colour before choosing one!  Palladium is part of the platinum family, hence keeps it whiteness longer than say an equivalent white gold ring.  All metals will scratch, there is no way around this - but think of the type of work you do, if you work on a building site, then white gold may not suit you but if you are in an office, a diamond set band would be ideal and dressy day and night - it depends on your choice !

It is important gents, to come in at least once to have your finger measured.  It isn't something that can be guessed, you will end up having to change or alter closer or after the wedding so spend a half hour on yourselves and choose your own wedding ring, you will be glad in the long run!


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18ct Yellow Gold Gents Wedding ring -50%
18ct Yellow Gold solid heavy gents wedding band. Really well priced is this comfort fit mens classic..
€ 620.00 € 310.00 Ex Tax: € 310.00
Gents 9ct Yellow and White Gold Wedding Ring -50%
9ct Yellow and White Gold Gents Wedding Ring - Comfort-fit on the inside - really nice with those tw..
€ 495.00 € 247.50 Ex Tax: € 247.50
Gents Tungsten Carbide Ring -50%
If you want a really hard wearing wedding ring that doesn't break the bank then Tungsten Carbide, st..
€ 185.00 € 92.50 Ex Tax: € 92.50
Gents Tungsten Wedding Ring -50%
Gents 7mm Tungsten Carbide Ring - Heavy ring with polished rims and matt dark centreNote: We don..
€ 185.00 € 92.50 Ex Tax: € 92.50
Gents Tungsten Wedding ring -50%
Gents Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring.  Wide 6mm comfort fit polished steel ring with a  few..
€ 160.00 € 80.00 Ex Tax: € 80.00
Steel and Gold Wedding Ring -50%
Gents Steel and 14ct Yellow Gold mix.  5mm in width with steel satin finished centre with 2 mat..
€ 295.00 € 147.50 Ex Tax: € 147.50
Tungsten Carbide Gents Ring -50%
Tungsten Carbide Gents Wide 7mm Ring.  Rimmed and Grooved Style  ..
€ 185.00 € 92.50 Ex Tax: € 92.50
9ct Two Tone Celtic ring -50%
9ct Yellow and White Gold Celtic Style 5mm flat edged ring. Pattern just to the top of the ring - pl..
€ 999.00 € 499.50 Ex Tax: € 499.50
Gents 9ct Two ToneWedding Ring -50%
Gents 9ct Yellow and White Wedding Ring. 5mm in width - Yellow gold base with a white palladium..
€ 600.00 € 300.00 Ex Tax: € 300.00
18CT Two Tone Gents Wedding Band -50%
18CT Heavy Yellow and White Gold Gents Wedding Band - Centre white polished centre with rounded yell..
€ 715.00 € 357.50 Ex Tax: € 357.50